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Mia Gives Billy Some Hard Toy Action

Teenmodels.com once again hits us with an amazingly hot scene featuring sexy Billy Raise and Mia in a hot lesbian session that is as sexy as it is hardcore, and it’s hardcore! These two girls are into it big time, an into each other’s juicy pussy in a big way too. Plenty of action in this one, from face sitting, from fingering to side by side masturbation, and more. The topper for me is where Mia takes the pink toy and fucks Billy’s soaking pussy, while rimming her ass and licking up the pussy juice that is trying to escape. They really work hard to get each other off multiple times in an intense lesbo session.

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Rose And Regina From Bananas to Fists and Back

This set from Teenmodels.com featuring Rose and Regina pretty much covers a whole lot of ground. These girls are nothing if not inventive and horny, and those two things come together for a rather wild bit of lesbian fucking. There is everything here. There is a nice bit of foot fetish and worship going on, as well as some very nice toy play. They also try out rimming, and use a banana for a dildo for a while. Then it’s on to eating each other out, and then Rose tries to work her whole fist into Regina’s pussy. She even stands up and sort of squats to make it easier to get her whole hand deep into her needy pussy. Rather intense and naughty!

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Two Girls and a Baseball Bat

Just in time for the World Series between the Texas Rangers and the San Francisco Giants, we get some great lesbian hardcore that includes some serious use of a baseball bat. Rose and Regina are two horny hotties, friends from the Czech Republic showing that they know how to play a little ball. Well, actually, they sort of prove that they will do anything for a great orgasm. They are using all sorts of things, like nipple pumps, clit / pussy pumps, fingers, tongues, and more. They aren’t shy. Then the baseball bat comes out, and it’s a bit of a test to see how much of that huge piece of wood will fit inside Rose’s previously tight pussy. It’s hot, hardcore, and very naughty!

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Horny Duo Makes Juicy Cucumber Salad

I actually spent a fair bit of time checking this set from Teenmodels.com out, mostly because I always find it amazing when girls masturbate with fruit and vegetables. This set featuring Lola and Tea is particularly wide, because it is sort of a new way to make a lesbian salad. The recipe involved one long, large, think cucumber and two needy pussies. These two turn this giant green veg into a double ended dildo and go for it, one end in each of their pussies as they hump and bump and give each other a big cum. Then they each take turns using on each other as a giant dildo, fucking each others pussies and licking their clits to still more orgasms. The best part is slicing the cuke up and turning it into a salad, I bet everyone is going wonder where the dressing came from!

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Hot Coeds Meg and Jo Buttplug Play

Meg and Jo are two hot coeds I found over at Teenmodels.com, and they are really having a great time trying out all their new toys. This set is all about anal lesbian love, really, especially centered on the massge tapered butt plug they have. At least in part the set is mutual masturation and play, but it is also sort of a personal quest to enjoy anal play. They each try different toys, with Meg finally take almost all of that huge butt plus in her ass as Jo strums her clit and nibbles on her pussy. The result is a tremendous flood of pussy juice as she has her first true anal lesbian orgasm. hot stuff!

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Hot Lesbos Ass Fuck Each Other With Dildos

Fuck me, this is one intense scene from Teenmodels.com that has two absolute hotties going for it bigtime. Sasha and Kate are into extreme hot action, and this time they are working on each other not only with fingers and tongues, but also some pretty big toys. But they aren’t just limiting themselves to pussy action, no, they are down there licking each other’s swollen clits and fucking their asses with the toys. They both give each other the same treatment too, no stopping, and the orgasms are intense. The pussy juice is dripping and they are lapping it up like honey. Intense and sexy hardcore anal lesbian action for sure!

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