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Two Girls and a Baseball Bat

Just in time for the World Series between the Texas Rangers and the San Francisco Giants, we get some great lesbian hardcore that includes some serious use of a baseball bat. Rose and Regina are two horny hotties, friends from the Czech Republic showing that they know how to play a little ball. Well, actually, they sort of prove that they will do anything for a great orgasm. They are using all sorts of things, like nipple pumps, clit / pussy pumps, fingers, tongues, and more. They aren’t shy. Then the baseball bat comes out, and it’s a bit of a test to see how much of that huge piece of wood will fit inside Rose’s previously tight pussy. It’s hot, hardcore, and very naughty!

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Horny Duo Makes Juicy Cucumber Salad

I actually spent a fair bit of time checking this set from Teenmodels.com out, mostly because I always find it amazing when girls masturbate with fruit and vegetables. This set featuring Lola and Tea is particularly wide, because it is sort of a new way to make a lesbian salad. The recipe involved one long, large, think cucumber and two needy pussies. These two turn this giant green veg into a double ended dildo and go for it, one end in each of their pussies as they hump and bump and give each other a big cum. Then they each take turns using on each other as a giant dildo, fucking each others pussies and licking their clits to still more orgasms. The best part is slicing the cuke up and turning it into a salad, I bet everyone is going wonder where the dressing came from!

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Numchuk Nymphos

Just when you thought you had seen everything, you get this. Four hot girls, wild lesbian sex with strap ons, toys, and numchuks. Yes, Numchuks, those asian weapons with two long handles connected with a chain. Insert one end in each pussy, and it’s like a chain race at a stock car track. These girls are doing each other and masturbating and having a good old time of it, it’s a pretty weird scene but intensely hardcore too!

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