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Phoenix Marie Wild Lesbian Bondage

lesbian bondage

This set may be a little too hardcore for some of you, for others it’s a normal day at the office. Phoenix Marie is a well known porn slut and hardcore fuck babe that has appeared all over the place, but nothing can prepare for for this wild scene from Whipped Ass. It’s Lesbian bondage domination and hardcore girl on girl action at it’s best. I can’t even start to explain it all, but there is bondage, ropes, strap ons, anal plugs, whips, pulleys, nipple clamps, and feet involved in this one, and probably about 10 more things I didn’t notice on the first pass. It’s pain and pleasure and all that stuff jammed together in one intense lesbian fuck session.

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Three Hotties Dildo Fucking

Mandi Questa and Remi are three hotties that are all different in look but they have one thing in common: They love pussy! This threeway scene is a fucking awesome set, these girls are clearly very much into each other, and very much into getting each other off, and they aren’t subtle here: They are using their tongues, their fingers, and a big dildo to fuck each others pussies into a juicy mess. Horny and hot action from these hot lesbian girls!

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Giant Stick On Dildo Anal Lesbian Action

One again We Live Together brings us some of the hottest hardcore lesbian group sex action. This time the girls have Aiden Aspen over for some fun, and they dive right in to pleasure all of her holes. This set features both some intense strap on fucking, and some of the wildest big dildo ass fucking lesbo action you will see. The giant dildo is one of those stick on ones, and they put it against a mirror and use it to probe Aiden’s previously virginal ass! Talk about wild, that dildo is huge! They do some ass fucking with a strap on too, it’s an intense exploration of true lesbian fun!

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Hot Lesbian Chicks With Toys

Once again Private Video comes out with some of the hottest lesbian fuck action around, this time featuring Dorothy Black and Michelle Wild. These two girl are stunning hot, and the action between them is intense. You can tell these girls love to lick pussy, and they love when a girl licks them out! They really get into it, with some serious toy play with deep penetration and repeated orgasms, and then they get out the honey and coat each other into sexy, sweet treats to lick up some more. Intense, hot, and naughty!

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Horny Teen Fuck Each Other With Sex Toys

Most of the teen lesbian stuff that is out there is very light and softcore, a little hugging, a little kissing, and maybe a finger or two inside. But this scene from Beauty Angels is anything but light. It starts out looking kissy and loving and all that, but soon they intense pussy licking starts, and we know we are on to something good. Then one girls pulls out this huge ass fake cock dildo, must be 8 inches at least, and she goes to town on her friends pussy! She cums hard with that toy deep in her pussy, and then rolls over and the girl fucks her ass with it too! Absolutely intense action!

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Horny Dildo Fucking Hotties

Anya and Marya are a couple of hotties with great natural bodies and a love of pussy. These girls are into licking each other out in a big way, and they aren’t shy to get naked, make out, and get right into the deal. They both has tiny tits, tight bodies, and shaved pussies and they are ready for some seriously hot action. Add in a big black dildo, and these two hot girls are off on an orgasm rollercoaster that leaves both of them drained. Some nice pussy licking too to make sure none of that tasty twat juice is wasted!

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Bowling With Dildos and Vibrators

Here is a great hot set from a newly opened site that I think fucking rocks. Horny Lil Nymphs is all hardcore lesbian action featuring hot teens and coeds getting naughty all over the place in very sexy scenes. This time we have Rosie and Esmeralda going bowling, but like good lesbian girls, they aren’t interested in the balls, their minds are in the gutter! They both brought some nice sex toys with them, and soon enough the only strikes and spares are being counted as they lick and fuck each other to orgasm. Totally sexy and hot!

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Lucy and Nakita Roadside Toy Fuck

This set from My Sexy Kittens is pretty wild on a whole bunch of levels. First off, the two girls look like fun, sexy girls who just want to have a good time. The location is outdoors, by a bridge, next to the highway, and the girls are getting naked right there in public, as cars drive by. Now this is naughty! Then they cross the road fully naked, head down the side of the road, until they find an old sofa chair. Then the lesbian fun starts, as they lick and eat each other out, and then fuck each other hard with this big vibrator. Intense action, and they both end up cumming hard. Then Nakita takes the toy and uses it to masturbate her own ass while Lucy rubs her clit to another thundering orgasm, even as cars are rolling by. Naughty, wild, and sexy, you have to love that!

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Kaira and Elis Hardcore Dildo Fucking

Only Cuties is a neat site full of all sorts of hot teen and coed action, from sexy solo stuff to hot amateur style hardcore. Some of their best stuff though is the hot lesbian action, especially because much of it is more hardcore, toy oriented lesbian fucking rather than just sexy posing. Like this set featuring Faira and Elis, they are two pigtailed cuties with nice tight natural bodies, smaller tits, and a love of getting off. The lick and suck on each other for a while, then pull out matching foot long vibrators and off they go, fucking each other’s needy pussies with the big toys. Nothing subtle here, just outright pussy fucking at it’s finest. They get each other off to big climaxes, and then they settle back to masturbate side by side for another intense sex toy induced orgasm. Sexy as hell, and hot!

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Four Hot Young Lesbians With Toys

Private hits us with some of the very hottest hardcore lesbian porn around, this time featuring four hot girls and their four favorite toys. Brandy Smile, Yoha, Sandy and Jo are four hotties who love to cum, and they love to lick pussy. They have never been all together, but this is a time they will never forget. They each bring a favorite toy and a talented tongue to the game, and the fun doesn’t stop until they are all a juicy, satisfied bunch. Plenty of great licking and hardcore toy fucking going on here, this isn’t gentle, just a great hot hardcore lesbian group fuck that will leaveyou wanting to dive in to lick up some of the juices too!

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